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Yorkie-Pro wireless intrusion detector

Il sistema di rilevamento delle intrusioni wireless Yorkie-Pro™ (WIDS) è un ricevitore portatile progettato per gli audit di sicurezza wireless di strutture governative, forze dell’ordine, militari e infrastrutture critiche sensibili ai dati. Yorkie-Pro rileva tutti i PED (Personal Electronic Device) wireless nelle vicinanze, inclusi i canali Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) utilizzando un motore di ricezione ad alta velocità insieme a un demodulatore Wi-Fi/BT/BLE. Yorkie-Pro è anche l’unico dispositivo sul mercato che rileva e localizza Apple AirTag®, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag® e Tile® Tracker sconosciuti, nonché qualsiasi tracker GPS nascosto e attivo utilizzato per lo stalking e il tracciamento illegali.

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Yorkie-Pro™ wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) is a handheld receiver designed for wireless security audits of data-sensitive government, law enforcement, military and critical infrastructure facilities. Yorkie-Pro detects all nearby wireless PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) including Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channels using a high-speed receiver engine in conjunction with a Wi-Fi/BT/BLE demodulator. Yorkie-Pro is also the only device on the market that detects and locates unknown Apple AirTag®, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag® and Tile® Tracker as well any active, hidden GPS trackers used for illegal stalking and tracking.

  • All-in-one handheld WIDS locates suspicious Cellular, Wi-Fi and BT/BLE PED devices
  • Thresholds, frequency analysis and whitelisting for advanced wireless security audits and TSCM
  • Detects and locates Apple AirTag®, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag®, Tile Tracker® and hidden GPS trackers
  • Direction finding pinpoints rogue wireless devices and nearby hackers
  • Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA

CW Receiver

Yorkie-Pro’s passive receiver covertly ensures all RF is detected, even RF interference and rogue devices invisible to the network. This means that all cellular 3G/4G/5G (non-mm wave frequencies) RF (texts, voice and data) are detected – even RF pings to/from a cell phone in standby mode. This also means that Yorkie-Pro’s cellular receiver can locate contraband phones, unauthorized bluetooth devices, rogue Wi-Fi APs and more using a specially designed direction finding antenna system.

Demodulating Receiver

Yorkie-Pro contains a dual-band demodulating receiver for connection to any known bluetooth, BLE or Wi-Fi access point. Yorkie-Pro not only tracks and locates their whereabouts, but also provides detailed identifiers and security information for each device. Yorkie-Pro generates whitelists of known devices. This allows security personnel and executive protection to easily focus on true wireless threats.

Yorkie-Pro’s light weight, sleek profile and color touchscreen make it ideal for wireless security audits requiring a NO WIRELESS policy in any facility. Small enough to fit into most pockets for vibrating alerts, Yorkie-Pro can also handle desktop duty as an all day wireless activity monitor. Go handheld with Yorkie-Pro to sniff out all active cell phones use up to 150 feet away indoors and then swap the omni antenna for a direction finding antenna allowing outdoors ranges up to 1 mile away. Log measurements internally and view all data on any PC using optional software.

Technical Specifications

Countries/Regions Supported:

U.S., Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, China, Chile, India, South Korea

FREQUENCY RANGE 690 MHz to 2700 MHz and 4.9 – 5.9 GHz (covers all cellular devices, Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth and BLE)

CW DETECTIONAll U.S. and International Cellular Bands (3G/4G/5G) (non-mm wave frequencies)
Wi-Fi 2401-2495 MHz and 5180-5825 MHz
Bluetooth & BLE 2402-2480 MHz


 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Channels: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
5 GHz Wi-Fi Channels: 36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,100,104,108,112,116,120,124,128,132
Bluetooth Channels: 1-79
Bluetooth Low Energy Channels: 1-40 including Apple AirTag®, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag® and Tile Tracker®
RECEIVING MODESHigh-speed active scanning
ANTENNAS SUPPORTED(3) Removable omni-directional SMA antennae (2) Removable DF (Direction Finding) antennae (one for cellular and one for Wi-Fi and BT)
POWER REQUIREMENTSInternal built-in 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery / external 12 VDC nominal
CHARGING3 hours (from ~50% capacity)
BATTERY RUNTIME5-6 hours (typical use)
DISPLAY & CONTROL270 x 480 sunlight readable color TFT with a resistive touch screen
UNIT DIMENSIONS7” x 4.5” x 2”
ALERTSVibration (toggleable) and visible (blue LED on top of unit)
SOUNDAudible feedback from touchscreen taps
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES(3) Omni-directional SMA antennae, 12 VDC power adapter, charging dock, carrying case
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESPC logging and data snapshot playback software for Windows / Mac / Linux


Does Yorkie-Pro identify callers or their phone numbers?

No. Yorkie-Pro is a precision RF scanning device that identifies potential wireless threats including cellphone activity (both standby mode and active modes) and assists in locating them. It is a wireless tool used by security officers and personnel that require a NO WIRELESS security policy

How far away can I detect wireless threats?

Typical range varies greatly depending upon the environment, which antenna is used and the device being detected. Cell phones can be typically detected up to about 150 feet away indoors (omni antenna) and up to a mile away outdoors (DF antenna). Typical Wi-Fi can be detected from about 100 feet away (omni antenna) Bluetooth can be detected up to 75 feet away using a DF antenna.

Can I detect phones or devices that are OFF?

No. Yorkie-Pro is a receiver and can only detect active or devices that are powered ON. We sell Manta Ray and SentryHound-Pro for detection of devices that powered OFF.

Can I detect phones in standby mode?

Yorkie-Pro can detect phones in the standby mode but keep in mind when a phone is in standby, it is not constantly transmitting. Phones register to the local cell tower/base stations at different intervals that the tower/carrier determines (could be every few seconds, minutes, and we have seen up to 20 minutes).

Does Yorkie-Pro detect all wireless including proprietary and non-standard wireless frequencies?

Yorkie-Pro contains a CW receiver that continuously scans 650 MHz – 3 GHz and all 4.9 – 5.9 GHz frequencies. This helps users identify any active devices transmitting in these frequency ranges even if they are not cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in nature.

Does Yorkie-Pro detect all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Yorkie-Pro scans all Wi-Fi (dual-band) frequencies, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy frequencies.

Does Yorkie-Pro demodulate all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Yorkie-Pro connects to all Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz access points and all 2.4 GHz BT and BLE devices in order to retrieve the most data about detected devices. In addition, by connecting or paring with these devices, Yorkie-Pro is able to direction find hidden devices.

How do I distinguish between safe and unsafe devices detected?

Yorkie-Pro includes a whitelisting feature. This list allows users to remove all known “safe” devices in order to focus only on questionable / unsafe devices.

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