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Lornet-Star 08S

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NLJD with 800
MHz transmitter head with a spectrum analyzer

Technical Specification

Technical characteristics:
Probing signal2400 MHz, 800 MHz (optional), 3600 MHz (optional)
Type of probing signalpulse / continous
Output power (frequency/pulse/continous)
Receiver sensitivity-110 dBm (-140 dBW)
Dynamic indication range of 2nd and 3rd harmonics24 db
Manual power adjustment range20 db
Device dimensions, cm
2400Mhz spectrum – 40x20x7
2400Mhz – 40x20x7
800Mhz – 40x20x7
3600Mhz – 40x20x20
Telescopic rod size, 2 items, cm86х4х4, 54х4х4
The bag dimensions, cm65х30х20
Operating temperature+5…+40oC
Weight without telescopic rod1 kg
Maximum weight of the devices in the bag8 kg
Telescopic rob weight0.2 kg
Battery life at max power (frequency/pulse/continous)
2400Mhz spectrum/2.5h/1.5h

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