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PROSAFE Portable Mini

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Technical Specification

Technical characteristics:
iAcoustic attenuation- >=35 dB
iAcoustic jamming- >=50 dB (inside the box)
For the Acoustic generator:
It generates several types of sounds:
iWhite noise- 2 types
iSpeech like noise- 2 types
iMetronome- 2 types
iRhythmic sound with different sound frequencies- 1 type
– output power- 350mW;
– loudspeaker- 36 ohm, 500mW
– Consumption at max. noise level- no more than 35mA
– Adjusting the noise level- smoothly with control knob
– External power supply – 12V
iExternal size (WxLxH): 33x24x15 cm
iMaterial of the box– MDF covered with Alcantara (synthetic suede-like durable textile material) in black or gray color.

iWith compartments for 6 mobile phones, positioned aside

iHandle– positioned on the back of the Acoustic safe. In this situation the Acoustic safe could be locked in the middle of the back seat of the vehicle with the seat belt and thus it will be secured.
iTwo side locks
iPower supply- 9V 6F22 battery (non- rechargeable) or NiMH accumulator (rechargeable)- (optional)
iBattery life (at max. noise level) – not less than 5 hrs./ at minimum noise level- over 10 hrs.

i12 V DC charger

iCar charger

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