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ST-500 Piranha

Portable new generation multifunctional device ST-500 PIRANHA is designed to detect various types of active eavesdropping devices, which transmit information using radio channel, wires and infrared channel.

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Portable new generation multifunctional device ST-500 PIRANHA is designed to detect various types of active eavesdropping devices, which transmit information using radio channel, wires and infrared channel.
• Detection and localization of radio transmitting eavesdropping devices;
• Identification of digital protocols of detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi;
• Identification of base station signals and mobile digital communication devices;
• Detection and localization of active wired eavesdropping devices;
• Activation of electret cable microphones by applying bias voltage in-line;
• Detection and localization of eavesdropping devices, which are transmitting information in the infrared range.
1. SELECTIVE HF DETECTOR – for detecting of analog and digital (using GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi standards) radio transmitting eavesdropping devices in the frequency range of 20-6000 MHz;
2. IR DETECTOR – for detecting of IR transmitters (eavesdropping devices that use infrared frequency band to transmit the information);
3. WIRED RECEIVER – for detecting of high-frequency signals of eavesdropping devices that transmit information via power and low-current wire lines in the frequency range 100 kHz – 180 MHz;
4. LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER – for detecting of the low-frequency signals of eavesdropping devices.
ST-500 PIRANHA allows analyzing detected signals in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope modes. The device is controlled by using a convenient 12-button keyboard. Connecting the device to a PC and using the original software significantly increases the search capabilities of the device.
The interface of the device is simple and intuitively clear. During development of ST-500 PIRANHA the long-term operating experience of previous modifications of the PIRANHA device has been taken into account.
Delivery set consist of:
1. Main Unit – 1 pcs.
2. Adapter for connecting the main unit to electric mains – 1 pcs.
3. Cable for connecting the main unit to telephone line sockets – 1 pcs.
4. Cable for connecting the main unit to low current sockets – 1 pcs.
5. Cable for connecting the main unit to a PC’s USB – 1 pcs.
6. Telescopic antenna – 1 pcs.
7. Charger – 1 pcs.
8. Headphones – 1 pcs.
9. Charger cable for the test sound source – 1 pcs.
10. USB flash drive with manual and PC Software – 1 pcs.
11. Coupler (RJ11) – 1 pcs.
12. Coupler (RJ45) – 1 pcs.
13. 1×2 splitter (RJ11) – 1 pcs.
14. 1×2 splitter (RJ45) – 1 pcs.
15. Adapter for connecting a multicore cable and Screwdriver – 1 pcs.
16. Case – 1 pcs.

Technical Specification

Technical Characteristics:
Operating frequency range, MHz20-6000
Bandwidth, MHz1,20
Input resistance, Ohm50
Scanning speed, GHz / sec18
irregularity of Amplitude-Frequency Characteristic, dB±6
Minimum level of detectable signal, dB-70
Dynamic range, dB50
Spectral range, micron0,75…1,1
Band of detection, MHz5
Angle of view, degree± 20
Minimum detectable power, W / Hz ½ 10-13
Operating frequency range, MHz0,1-180
Scan time of the whole range, sec2
Minimum detectable signal, dBm-50…-75
Dynamic range, dB50
Input resistance, Ohm100
DemodulationAM, FM
Input filter bandwidth, kHz180
Maximal line voltage, V250(AC), 60(DC)
Frequency range, Hz20-25000
Input resistance, kOhm200
Gain control range, times 1,2,5,10,20,50,100
Maximum amplitude of the input signal, V ±60(DC), ±1(АС)
Spectral density of noise voltage, nV/Hz3
Fixed values of bias voltage, V
+30, -30 
Built-in lithium-polymer battery with voltage, V
Power consumption, W <1
Continuous operation time at maximal power consumption, hours
Charging time of a fully discharged battery, hours:
Dimensions of the main unit (L/W/H), mm165x100x40 0,47
Weight of the main unit, kg0,47 
Packaging dimensions (L/W/H), mm390/310/170
Weight when packed, kg4


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