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Sales Condition

General conditions for the supply of products and services to be used in commercial relationships with companies

General provisions

1.1. These General Conditions regulate the rights and obligations relating to the supply of goods (e.g. products,

tools, equipment; hereinafter: “supplies”) and to the services (e.g. installation, assembly, calibration, commissioning; hereinafter: “services”) of ARIMAS to companies and also to any type of legal person governed by public law ( hereinafter: “Client”). The General Conditions are an integral part of the contract stipulated from time to time, which is considered completed with the placing of the order by the Client and the subsequent acceptance of the supply or service by ARIMAS. In the event of a discrepancy between the conditions of acceptance of the supply and these General Conditions, the conditions of acceptance of the supply will prevail. ARIMAS rejects different or additional contract conditions applied by the Client, even if not explicitly contested.

1.2. Documents such as p. e.g. images, drawings, weight indications, performance specifications on brochures, estimates and technical data sheets represent exclusively approximate descriptions of the supplies or performances and are not binding. ARIMAS reserves the right to make changes motivated and justified by the stage of technical progress, even after confirmation of the order.

1.3. Without prior written authorization from ARIMAS, the Client is not authorized to reproduce, photocopy, distribute or transfer to third parties the documents listed in article 1.2 above, nor to use such documents for a purpose contrary to the interests of ARIMAS. In case of failure to send the order to ARIMAS, the ARIMAS documents must be returned immediately. The provisions of this paragraph apply, mutatis mutandis, also to the documents that the Client has made available to ARIMAS. Documents made available to ARIMAS may, however, be disclosed to third parties who have been authorized by ARIMAS to carry out supplies and/or services.


2.1. According to the rules of INCOTERMS 2020, prices apply to supplies from Aresa CIP to the place of delivery

defined in the offer or elsewhere, unless expressly agreed otherwise to these General Conditions. For them

performance, please refer to the article. 8.

2.2. Prices are in Euros (€), excluding value added tax (VAT) applicable from time to time to

rule of law. To this must be added taxes, customs duties or duties, as well as consular and document legalization costs, possibly applied according to the rules of a law other than that indicated in article 13.1. The price includes packaging compliant with current commercial uses. Packaging costs for antennas, transmitters, systems and systems, as well as special packaging upon request of the Customer, are to be invoiced separately.

2.3. The prices reflect the cost situation of ARIMAS at the time of signing the contract. If changes relating to costs occur before the day of supply or performance, ARIMAS reserves the right to adjust prices, provided that the supplies and/or services must be carried out, as agreed, no later than four (4) ) months from the signing of the contract.

Retention of title
The parties agree that the goods supplied remain the property of ARIMAS, although in the custody of the customer, until the invoice is paid in full (articles 1523 – 1526 of the Civil Code) and also in the event of failure to register the reservation itself. The customer is required to undertake and facilitate any measure to protect the property or security interests of the goods subject to retention of title.

Terms of payment
4.1. The balance of payments must be made to ARIMAS, without additional costs, within thirty (30) days from the date of issue of the invoice.
4.2. Starting from an order value of over €50,000 net, a deposit of thirty percent (30%) plus VAT in proportion is due upon placing the order. ARIMAS is not required to pay interest on the deposit.
4.3. ARIMAS reserves the right to demand payment guarantees and/or advances and in any case the Client authorizes the issuing of drafts for the invoiced amounts.
4.4. The Client waives the right to raise the exception of non-compliance by adhering to the solve et repeat clause 4.5. In the event of late payment by the Client, ARIMAS reserves the right to assert further rights and to calculate the respective late payment interests at eight percent (8%) above the interest rate of the main refinancing instrument of the Central Bank European Union applied to its most recent main refinancing operation carried out on PRI